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Cloud-Based Lighting Control and Management Solutions


What is Lumentender?

Lumentender is your cloud-based solution for Scheduling and Control of supported API-based lighting control systems.


  Manage multiple installations from any browser

  Schedule Daily and Special lighting events

  Take live control and manually trigger Lighting Scenes

  Create custom scenes and scene combinations


  Manage multiple installations from any browser

  Create custom scenes and scene combinations

  Schedule Daily and Special lighting events

  Take live control and manually trigger Lighting Scenes


Innovative Design

The Lumentender application is designed and operated by our team of Lighting Professionals having a combined 60 years of Lighting System controls experience.

Our customers need for intuitive Scheduling and Control over their complex lighting systems was the inspiration.

Whether a Commercial Building, Entertainment Complex, Bridge, Structure or Art Installation, every feature addresses universal end-user requirements.

Key Features

System Status

View scheduled and currently active Lumescenes (lighting shows) for the day in a real-time panel by type, event, and creator, and scheduled events in our handy calendar view. Hover over events to view detailed information, or click to edit them.

Play Now

Select and trigger one or more Lumescenes and Lumescene Combos, anytime, from anywhere. Images or video can be uploaded to represent your Lumescenes for quick reference, and Lumescenes can be assigned to zones to help keep your shows organized.


Color your project instantly using our intuitive Instacolor module. Instacolor allows you to push color, hue and intensity to one or more fixture groups, live or in the blind. Frequently-used colors can be saved to a palette for later use.

Daily Events

Schedule your Lumescenes and Lumescene Combos by day of the week and review scheduled Daily Events from a cue list. Events may be scheduled for sunrise / sunset per your installation’s location as well as for local time.

Special Event

Schedule Lumescenes and Combo events for date range, or for holiday occasions per local time, or by sunrise / sunset. Our configurable occasion library is filled with national, religious, and charity holidays, and allows creation of custom holidays based on .


Create your own custom Lumescenes while away from your installation and lighting controller using Lumentender from your browser.

Lumescene Combo

The Lumescene Combos module allows you to combine scenes across installations for quick multi-site scheduling. As with Lumescenes you can edit, name and upload images/video to represent your Combo.

Multi-site Control

The Settings panel contains links to your customers (for lighting installers), profile, configuration options for controllers, installations, and zones.

Public Voting

(Coming soon!) Promote a worthy cause or attract attention to your project by allowing others to vote on colors to be pushed live to your building. Pick the colors from which voters can choose, the fixtures to be affected, and timeframe within which the winning color will be shown, and a lightweight version of Lumentender can be shared via link with voters.


(Coming soon!) Pick your favorite sport, team, and Lumescenes to be triggered based on your team’s game schedule.

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