INTRODUCING:  LT-1BOX All-in-One Controls Hardware Solution


Cloud-Based Lighting Control and Management Solutions


What is Lumentender?

Lumentender is your cloud-based solution for Scheduling and Control of supported API-based lighting control systems.

Robust Features and Unparalleled Flexibility

  • Remotely schedule, control and create custom lighting scenes in real time from any web-connected device
  • Designed to support multiple manufacturers’ controllers
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multi-site capable
  • Built-in special occasion library
Lumentender, lighting control system


LT-1BOX is a comprehensive hardware solution providing an efficient, turn-key approach to project controls integration.

LT-1BOX, Lumentender

Quality and Rock-Solid Reliability

  • Assembled, tested and dellivered to you ready to be mounted and energized
  • Stock configuration and customized models available
  • Mapping and patching of fixtures to aid in installation and maintenance
  • Pre-Configuration of Lumentender Cloud Control available

Commissioning / Programming Services

Professional onsite and remote services to ensure the system is properly configured and programmed for optimal performance and maximum user satisfaction.

Expert Onsite and Remote Services

  • System verification and documentation
  • Functional Testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Programming lighting scenes and shows
  • Scheduling lighting scenes and shows
  • End-user training
  • Lumentender Configuration
Lumentender, lighting control system


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