Integrated Controls Solutions

LCSI provides a suite of innovative controls solutions, including the Lumentender® cloud-based platform for remote scheduling, control and monitoring of commercial lighting systems, LT-1BOX All-in-One Controls Assemblies, and onsite and remote commissioning and programming services for commercial lighting systems.


Inspired Innovation

The Lumentender story is one of innovation.

Our team of industry experts in the fields of lighting design, installation, engineering, programming, controls system design and customer success listened to customers, understood their needs, and created solutions that simplify the complex industry wide needs for:

  • An elegant and INTUITIVE way for users to CONNECT and ENGAGE with their lighting systems.
  • A unified platform designed to support MULTIPLE MANUFACTURERS’ CONTROLLERS  across multi-site projects.
  • A comprehensive HARDWARE SOLUTION providing an efficient, TURNKEY APPROACH to project controls integration.
  • Professional COMMISSIONING AND PROGRAMMING SERVICES to ensure the lighting system is properly configured and programmed for optimal performance and maximum user satisfaction.

“There’s a way to do it better, find it.”
-Thomas Edison


John DiDomenico, Founder & CEO

Lumentender was founded in 2021 by John DiDomenico (JD), a lighting industry veteran designer, installer, programmer and architectural lighting business owner with over 30 years of experience in the design, sale, and installation of live production and specialty commercial architectural lighting systems. His career began in theatre and live production and at 21, JD started his own special events and lighting production company. In 2006, he entered into architectural lighting and went on to light many iconic buildings in the skylines of major cities throughout the US and is owner and managing partner of Skyline Arts, an architectural lighting design, engineering and installation firm.

Lumentender Control Solutions Inc. is the continued progression to fulfill  industry needs for controls solutions and natural result of the lifetime of experience.

Brandon Siemion, President

Brandon M. Siemion joined Lumentender in February of 2023. A sales management strategist with 20 years of proven lighting industry success.

Brandon entered the lighting industry in 1997 and helped organically grow Phillips Color Kinetics for 12 years to becoming one of the leading suppliers of color changing LEDs. Following on his success at Color Kinetics, Mr. Siemion then spent eight years providing sales leadership as the Executive Vice President of Sales at Lumenpulse Lighting Inc. He now joins Lumentender eager to grow relationships and build the company together with our team.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to simplify and enhance the management of lighting controls systems through innovative solutions that deliver exceptional value and ease-of-use to our customers across various sectors, including municipalities, commercial properties, healthcare institutions, educational campuses, national retailers, and sports and entertainment complexes.